Horn Chic

19 Dec

Even though according to the tenets of astrology it is a bad idea to begin something new during a Mercury retrograde, tonight I find myself blowing off a birthday party (sorry J&L, I was in the city fixing to come but a deflating lost property incident sent me running for the comfort of the Nuddle I recently commandeered from a gentleman friend and the www) and sitting home enactuating this idea I’ve had for a new space far from the madding crowd over on the facebook.  Mercury retro-wise, though, while today is the first day of this blog, it’s not MY first day blogging; it heralds my return to something I began a long ass time ago when nobody even knew what a blog was.  I had a blog on the website formerly known as http://www.moisturizer.tv called Moist Paula’s constant commentary where I was an early adopter of the airing of laundry.  Over the ensuing years I’ve increasingly retreated from publicly describing the minutiae of my salad in a public setting and intend here not to get real personal, but rather to blog purely about all things horn related as I hear see & feel them.  I’ve always loved the shiny beasts (RIP Captain Beefheart) and am a firm believer that even the dullest situation can be made considerably more chic with the addition of just one horn.  So if you’re a horn lover, tune in and we’ll see how long I keep this up.


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