Ace Cannon Triple Shot Vol. 5

22 Feb

I never thought of or cited Ace Cannon as an influence, in fact I didn’t really know who he was until I recently got a v. groovy Hi Records compilation of instrumentals, but “Java”, the first tune on this lovely youtube upload was one of my very favorite songs when I was a toddler (along with “Sunny”) and is now the ringtone on my phone; it makes me smile every time I get a call! Lo & behold, the second track on the “video” is the Michael Jackson version of “I’ll Be There” – sounds like he’s just playing along with the actual Motown backing track, which is one of my favorite pastimes, and “I’ll Be There” is one of my favorite MJ songs to play. As I’m typing, the third song in the Ace Cannon Triple Shot Vol. 5 is “Last Night”, a groovy instrumental I know and love from the Stax act The Mark-Keys, which we used to cover in Mackie Riverside & The Streetpushers. No sign of Lady In Red here, which is fine with me, but having listened to the Ace Cannon Triple Shot Vol. 5, I’ve decided that from now on, should anybody inquire, I could certainly say that I’ve been influenced by Ace Cannon. If you can’t get enough of Ace, I see in the sidebar that this “Ace Cannon Triple Shot” series goes up to at least Vol. 9. There may be hours of fun to be had, and for anyone dying to hear it, I bet “Lady In Red” is in there somewhere.


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