Scheming and Dreaming about a new Secretary album

4 May

On what I still refer to as National Secretaries Day in 2007 (the “correct” name nowadays is Administrative Professionals Day), I celebrated the release of my first solo album under the moniker Secretary by performing at the All Tomorrows Parties festival in the UK. It was an auspicious jump off to the new solo “saxtronica” project and the feedback was very positive both for the album, “Secret Life of Secretary” and various performances. I was thrilled as a loner to be able to keep all the kudos and money to myself. But upon my return to New York I started facing the struggles of being a solo performer — when the shows didn’t go so well I had nobody with whom to commiserate. I decided I wanted to give up the idea and stick to playing in bands with my friends. One of those friends, Luqman Brown, loved the project and suggested I continue it as a duo with him. So we became SECRETARY feat. BigBoss. We made up and recorded some new songs in his home studio, a step up from all the music being created in my bedroom on GarageBand, did a bunch of shows around New York in corporate attire but I felt like we didn’t gain momentum quickly enough and having scrambled the NY bar scene for years with Moisturizer, I felt committed to not going the same route with a new project. Both BigBoss and I were involved in multiple projects and SECRETARY feat. BigBoss got pushed further and further into the background, never quite dead but certainly dormant. Once or twice a year, however I get asked to do solo performances and have dusted off the Secretary material and I always find I still like it. And recently somebody invited SEC feat. BB to perform on a web radio show.

Today I read this article published in the New York Times online:

It took me back to the days when I worked as a legal secretary while playing bari sax in bands by night, the days when I formed the concept for the album Secret Life of Secretary. And it gave me the feeling I’d like to make a new Secretary album, even though I emancipated myself from secretarial life over four years ago at the time I released the first album.

If you haven’t heard it, it’s here:

If you want to own it, it’s available through the iTunes store.


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