About Moist Paula

I got the name “Moist” Paula when I formed the band Moisturizer with Moist Gina Rodriguez in 1998. Up until then I had been having fun playing sax with a lot of great bands and musicians in Australia and New York, many of whom I still play with. Since the day my friend Paul Cumming knocked on my door with a tenor sax in his hand saying “this is yours for a month and if you like it you have to come up with $400”, I’ve had many exciting saxophonic adventures, particularly since, as a result of what turned out to be an opportune theft, I switched to bari, which I’ve wielded live and/or in the studio with many of my musical heroes including Melvn Van Peebles, James Chance & The Contortions, Gogol Bordello, TV on the Radio, The Roots, Smokey Robinson, Martin Luther & Cody Chesnutt, Ed Kuepper and many more.

Moisturizer broke up in 2009, but I continue to play every week with Reverend Vince Anderson & The Love Choir (in our 14th year!); and Burnt Sugar: The Arkestra Chamber, Greg Tate’s conducted improvised orchestral organism. . Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative is my latest musical main squeeze and features members of Burnt Sugar backing up MVP as he performs amazing original compositions from his 60s & 70s albums as well as incredible new material.

At the end of 2006 I quit my part-time secretary job and started a solo saxtronic project, Secretary. I recorded and released my first solo album, Secret Life of Secretary and performed the material in a variety of spaces including a storefront gallery, a theatre, a coffee shop, a cinema, rock clubs and All Tomorrows Parties festival. Then I got lonely and turned it into a collaborative duo called SECRETARY feat. BigBoss.

I proudly use a JodyJazz DV bari sax mouthpiece – it’s great!

And of course I’m on facebook:

"Moist" Paula Henderson a/k/a Secretary

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