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Flying Manning Custom Cases

7 Oct

I don’t know if you’ll be able to see the photos on this link if you’re not a facebook user, but it’s a series of photos of Manning Custom Baritone Sax cases comfortably fitting in the overhead compartments of a variety of aircraft.

There are many reasons for my fantasy about owning a Manning Custom Flight Case for my bari — the wheels, the latches, the material; my buddy MK let me carry his and it’s a whole lot lighter and ergonomic than my equivalently priced BAM case (as well as trumping it in the wheels, latches & customer service departments).

But while I was at Michael Manning’s magical olde worlde shoppe in a basement on 35th Street at 9th avenue (which reminds me of Sun Studios in Memphis, which is where Michael is from) waiting for my hand sewn backpack straps to be attached to my current case, Mike showed me this series of photos taken by bari player James King — James has been photographing his Manning Custom Flight Case successfully fitting in the overhead compartments on a series of different jet airliners.  When met with a resistant flight attendant at the gate check, he produces his photo-roll on his phone and has been allowed to fly in comfort, knowing nobody’s throwing his horn around and that it’s safely in reach right above his head.

I’m so excited about this prospect I’m going to have to magically come up with the $875 I’ll need to procure one of these cases.  Image

1924 Buescher Factory – The Sexy Art of Saxophone Making

24 Mar

As a Buescher girl (bari AND tenor), I particularly loved this charming silent film footage from the 20s which shows the incredibly complex and heavy duty art of saxophone making at the Buescher factory in Elkhart, Indiana in 1924.  It’s incredible to stop and think of the work that went into building our instruments in a process that took the artistry of several factory workers (culminating in the all female pads department!).  This footage did make me wonder, however, if our older saxophones contain lead.  Oh well.

1924 Buescher Factory – The Fine Art of Musical Instrument Making – Saxophone Production.

Are Kazoos Horns?

24 Dec