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An Electrifying, Psychedelic Debut by Anderson Henderson White

22 Jul

Thanks to Lucid Culture for discovering my new trio Anderson Henderson White at our very first show! Here’s a video of our free country version of Ring of Fire from our second: 

Lucid Culture

It wouldn’t be fair to let the month go by without mentioning the debut performance of Anderson Henderson White at Zirzamin a few weeks ago, following the Sunday Salon put on by Lucid Culture’s sister blog New York Music Daily. Baritone saxophonist Paula Henderson seems to be the sparkplug for this exciting new trio, who blended groove and funk with mysterious free improvisation. Her fellow Australian, the Dirty Three’s Jim White on drums was his usual counterintuitive self: it’s hard to think of a drummer who’s so consistently interesting to watch as this guy, alternating between cymbal bell-tones and atmospherics of all kinds, shamanistic rattles of the hardware and rock-solid groove, all the while adding off-kilter accents on the rims and whirring brushes on the snare. He’s a one-man drum orchestra.

Rev. Vince Anderson has made a name for himself in both the roots of jazz (you should hear…

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Flying Manning Custom Cases

7 Oct

I don’t know if you’ll be able to see the photos on this link if you’re not a facebook user, but it’s a series of photos of Manning Custom Baritone Sax cases comfortably fitting in the overhead compartments of a variety of aircraft.


There are many reasons for my fantasy about owning a Manning Custom Flight Case for my bari — the wheels, the latches, the material; my buddy MK let me carry his and it’s a whole lot lighter and ergonomic than my equivalently priced BAM case (as well as trumping it in the wheels, latches & customer service departments).

But while I was at Michael Manning’s magical olde worlde shoppe in a basement on 35th Street at 9th avenue (which reminds me of Sun Studios in Memphis, which is where Michael is from) waiting for my hand sewn backpack straps to be attached to my current case, Mike showed me this series of photos taken by bari player James King — James has been photographing his Manning Custom Flight Case successfully fitting in the overhead compartments on a series of different jet airliners.  When met with a resistant flight attendant at the gate check, he produces his photo-roll on his phone and has been allowed to fly in comfort, knowing nobody’s throwing his horn around and that it’s safely in reach right above his head.

I’m so excited about this prospect I’m going to have to magically come up with the $875 I’ll need to procure one of these cases.  Image

All the best pop has bari sax – go ahead Elliot Bergman

20 Sep

Here’s Wild Belle, saxman Elliot Bergman’s pop duo with his sister.

Isaac Hayes on Bari Sax leading the Stax horn section at Fame Studios

19 Jan




Thanks to soul music afficionado and performer Eli “Paperboy” Reed for sharing this excerpt from a French documentary called “Le Blues De Memphis” which has studio footage from Fame Studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Isaac Hayes is leading the five piece horn section around a conference table before tracking live, 5 horns to a microphone – ISAAC ON BARI!!  He does a great gliss at the end of the part.  No wonder when I saw him in concert at Prospect Park 6 weeks before he passed I had to concede that his synth horns sounded pretty much as good as the real thing. A little research just led me to discover that Isaac Hayes first job at Stax was a sax player in The Mar-Keys. There’s also great footage here of Brook Benton and Booker T and the MGs tracking Time is Tight.  This kind of history lesson can move me to tears.  I love Stax. 



Fela Kuti Glastonbury 1984 full show

31 Aug

Courtesy of my friend Dub Gabriel, who has all kinds of great stuff on his blog Destroy This Blog, enjoy this concert footage interspersed with interviews with Fela Kuti. One thing I love about the Kutis is that they never skimp on the horn section – nine guys including 2 bari players here, and who could deny that as charismatic as Fela Kuti is and as beautiful and gifted as the singing dancing queens are, that horn section is keeping those hundreds of thousands of Glastonbury goers JUMPING. I think if more bands used a nine piece horn section life would be more thrilling for everyone.

Ten by Madhouse is one of my favorite songs ever for many reasons.

16 Aug

Anybody who knows the music of my turn of the century band Moisturizer can listen to this song and see how I would love Madhouse. This song is so much fun to play on bari sax and has been part of my repertoire in SECRETARY feat. BigBoss. But apart from how perfect to my way of thinking this song is, including an awesome greasy bari solo in the middle, the cinematic video takes it to the next level and makes it extra fun to practice over & over again. The hooded saxman is of course Eric Leeds*, the voice of Prince’s instrumentals band Madhouse which produced two albums, 8 and 16, in 1987. That’s Sheila E on drums and Prince on guitar – not sure who’s playing keys and the spotted bass guitar. (Maybe Dr. Fink and Levi Seacer, Jr.). I wanted to know who directed the video and couldn’t find the info on the www but I did discover this similar looking video which was MISDIRECTED by Prince.

* guess who I’m going as on Halloween ….

and if you got this far I would think you would want to watch The Escape — Madhouse 13!