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All the best pop has bari sax – go ahead Elliot Bergman

20 Sep

Here’s Wild Belle, saxman Elliot Bergman’s pop duo with his sister.

My Name is Albert Ayler

15 Sep

A Film By Kasper Collin

Last night a tenor sax landed in my lap. My friend Elliot Bergman got a deal on a Buescher (MY brand) on the side of the highway in Cleveland and had the notion to pass it on to me. He brought it down to Zebulon where I was playing with Mike Bones Brigade. After our set, Joce, the owner of Zebulon started DJing — the third track he played was by a squawking tenor sax player I loved, but since I’ve never really checked out Albert Ayler I didn’t know without asking who it was. When I got home I looked for some video footage of Ayler so I could learn more about him — I found this fantastic movie and finished watching it this morning. Naturally I projected some significance onto the fact that my new old horn is from Cleveland which is where Albert is from. Also, his ultimate collaborator and companion Mary Maria Parks was wearing the exact same sequined headband I was wearing on the gig last night. Crazy Coincidences everywhere!