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Eddie Harris. Eddie Who?

9 Nov

Adorable footage of Les McCann and Eddie Harris at their face to face electric pianos singing the wonderful ode to Eddie Harris, written by Eddie Harris, Eddie Who? in which the story of Eddie Harris is succinctly summarized
and itemized in what has become my favorite autobiography of all time.

There’s a guy
you ought to know
He can really play a saxophone
He is from Chicago . . .

Eddie Harris [and the girls sing] Eddie Who?

He’s been singin’ about money
luck and overweight too
He’s written five books
on what he can do.

He introduced
the electric saxophone
He invented a reed mouthpiece
for the trumpet & the trombone.
… and so it goes on, with help from Les McCann (not Eddie Murphy).

He doesn’t actually pick up his sax in this clip so I thought I’d add these – no video footage, but this is a live concert recording from 1989 of Is It In which sounds incredible.