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Inaugural CIMMFest Baadasss Award Given To Melvin Van Peebles

23 Apr

I just got back from Chicago where I played with Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative at CIMMFest – we had a great time and Melvin was thrilled to be honored in his home town when the Inaugural Baadasssss Award was presented to him by the Festival.



Last night one of Chicago’s favorite sons came home to receive a lifetime achievement award from the Chicago International Movies & Music Festival. To celebrate we were treated to a short film about his work, followed by a Q&A with NPR’s Richard Steele. Topping it off was a performance by the legend’s band, Melvin Van Peebles widlaxative.

If you aren’t familiar with Van Peebles’ work, you need to get yourself acquainted. Not only is he a talented playwright and musician, but he pretty much set the course for black filmmakers being able to make the movies they want. His picture Sweet Sweetback’s Baadasssss Song was the first movie by a black crew and a black cast. Needless to say there was some trouble finding distribution in the all-white movie industry. Van Peebles took a chance and distributed the movie himself. Only two theaters would play it initially, but it went…

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Burnt Sugar Smolders at Bryant Park

19 Sep

Here’s a review of a show I did with Burnt Sugar and Melvin Van Peebles wid Laxative.

Burnt Sugar Smolders at Bryant Park.

Here’s some video footage from the show: