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My Name is Albert Ayler

15 Sep

A Film By Kasper Collin

Last night a tenor sax landed in my lap. My friend Elliot Bergman got a deal on a Buescher (MY brand) on the side of the highway in Cleveland and had the notion to pass it on to me. He brought it down to Zebulon where I was playing with Mike Bones Brigade. After our set, Joce, the owner of Zebulon started DJing — the third track he played was by a squawking tenor sax player I loved, but since I’ve never really checked out Albert Ayler I didn’t know without asking who it was. When I got home I looked for some video footage of Ayler so I could learn more about him — I found this fantastic movie and finished watching it this morning. Naturally I projected some significance onto the fact that my new old horn is from Cleveland which is where Albert is from. Also, his ultimate collaborator and companion Mary Maria Parks was wearing the exact same sequined headband I was wearing on the gig last night. Crazy Coincidences everywhere!

Rockers – FULL MOVIE (The Best Reggae Film Ever?)

14 Sep



Dirty Harry.

Rockers – FULL MOVIE (The Best Reggae Film Ever?).

Fela Kuti Glastonbury 1984 full show

31 Aug

Courtesy of my friend Dub Gabriel, who has all kinds of great stuff on his blog Destroy This Blog, enjoy this concert footage interspersed with interviews with Fela Kuti. One thing I love about the Kutis is that they never skimp on the horn section – nine guys including 2 bari players here, and who could deny that as charismatic as Fela Kuti is and as beautiful and gifted as the singing dancing queens are, that horn section is keeping those hundreds of thousands of Glastonbury goers JUMPING. I think if more bands used a nine piece horn section life would be more thrilling for everyone.