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An Electrifying, Psychedelic Debut by Anderson Henderson White

22 Jul

Thanks to Lucid Culture for discovering my new trio Anderson Henderson White at our very first show! Here’s a video of our free country version of Ring of Fire from our second: 

Lucid Culture

It wouldn’t be fair to let the month go by without mentioning the debut performance of Anderson Henderson White at Zirzamin a few weeks ago, following the Sunday Salon put on by Lucid Culture’s sister blog New York Music Daily. Baritone saxophonist Paula Henderson seems to be the sparkplug for this exciting new trio, who blended groove and funk with mysterious free improvisation. Her fellow Australian, the Dirty Three’s Jim White on drums was his usual counterintuitive self: it’s hard to think of a drummer who’s so consistently interesting to watch as this guy, alternating between cymbal bell-tones and atmospherics of all kinds, shamanistic rattles of the hardware and rock-solid groove, all the while adding off-kilter accents on the rims and whirring brushes on the snare. He’s a one-man drum orchestra.

Rev. Vince Anderson has made a name for himself in both the roots of jazz (you should hear…

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Michael Kammers presents The Claustrophobic Noise EP

25 Sep

I first met Michael Kammers on a Mackie Riverside & The StreetPushers gig, which is fun because we play 60s & 70s STAX covers. I immediately liked him and lo & behold he turned out to be a wailing tenor sax player and a GREAT team player. I was always happy to section up with him, even on wedding gigs where we had to learn Seawind Horns lines on MJ covers etc. Next I found out he also shreds on Farfisa which strikes a chord with me because we had one in my house when I was a kid and I used to play with it a lot. So when he invited me, I was more than happy to walk around the corner and lay down bari tracks on a couple of his original compositions which were crazy psychedelic prog with a sense of humor jams. He was recording The Claustrophobic Noise EP in his bedroom with most of his studio set up under a loft bed, this being one of the reasons for the name, the other being a nod to a rehearsal studio from his early youth in Syracuse. Anyway, as life tends to unfold in New York we’ve now played many gigs together and I always love playing with this guy whether he’s on sax or keys — doesn’t matter, he’s an all round great musician. I urge anyone who reads this to check out this EP and keep your ears open for more groovy sounds from Michael Kammers because he’s full of them — you’ll find his MK Groove Orchestra (14 piece big band playing all his original compositions) playing regularly in Brooklyn, the trio version of that group popping up all over the tri-state area and you’ll hear him being an asset to lots of other bands too including some I play in — Rev. Vince Anderson & The Love Choir, Meah Pace, Zoe Sundra and Burnt Sugar to name a few.

Every Monday night I play bari sax with Rev. Vince Anderson & The Love Choir

20 Dec

Back in 1996 I had the great fortune to meet Rev. Vince Anderson when I answered an ad seeking a drummer in the New York Press. I don’t play drums, just bari sax, but the ad was humorous and the name of the band was Leopold & Stanges Jangletown, which I liked. They said they liked Tom Waits, Nick Cave and Johnny Cash and I like all of that so I applied, apologizing about my non-prowess on the drums. I got the job, which turned out to be an off off Broadway theatrical production which was not entirely my cup of tea, however Rev. Vince was and a few months later when he put his new band together I was thrilled to receive an invitation to join. I’ve been playing with him every week ever since and it has been an amazing journey of music and friendship. For many years I was the only horn player, although from time to time people would sit in, Aaron Johnson or Steve Moses on trombone, or some sax players who would come through. About four years ago Dave Smith sat in on trombone and has been playing with us every Monday ever since. These days our regular Monday night gig at Union Pool is popular with Cochemea Gastelun from Sharon Jones & The Dapp Kings (more about his solo project Johnny Arrow soon), Eliot Bergman from NOMO, Michael Kammers from MK Groove Orchestra, Eric Biondo from Antibalas and Beyondo, and many others. It’s not unusual for us to cram four or five horns onstage at a time and then all solo simultaneously! Tonight is Rev. Vince’s Christmas Spectacular and we have some very special guests coming through. Showtime is at 11pm in the backroom at Union Pool, 484 Union Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tacos are served all night and admission is free, but you have to bring ID! Every Monday at Union Pool