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Honey Ear Trio – Steampunk Serenade

2 Aug

Last night on my weekly Monday gig with Rev. Vince Anderson & The Love Choir at Union Pool we had a visitation from one of the great sax players I have the privilege to know here in New York, Erik Lawrence. Erik and I first met on myspace(!) a few years ago when our bari wielding profile pix caught our respective eyes. We’ve been friends in real life ever since and have played together a few times — it’s always a pleasure. Erik, like most of us sax players, is involved in a plethora of projects, but he just released a CD of his original music with the Honey Ear Trio (with Rene Hart and Allison Miller). It has the 21st century mark of a great CD because several times I’ve come running from the kitchen to find out what the song playing on my iTunes shuffle to discover it was a track from Steampunk Serenade. Moreover, it sounds great heard from beginning to end, just like in the good old days of albums. Here’s a taste of Honey Ear ….